Hi there.

We're adopting ZAM 7.5+IR1 internally as to keep track of HW & SW assets
in our company.

Our auditors asked us to keep tracks of every maintenance operation
performed on a given PC (eg, clean the fan, clean the floppy and what
have you).

We'd like to keep track of the above using an Excel (or whatever) file.

I had a check under the "Contract Management" option of the WEB Console
but I did see that, yes, you can add files to the database but once they
get uploaded, you'll have to upload 'tm again for every change you're
going to make.

So we decided to add a ned User Defined Field (TEXT) for every PC and to
assign it the value of the pathname which holds track of the maintenance
operation; if we used an UNC path (eg, \\SERVER\MAINFILES\FREDPC.XLS),
the idea would be that by simply clicking over it we should be able to
fire up Excel as to amend the file itself.

We tried but the UNC pathname is not "hyperlinked" (in the sense that,
even when using iExplorer on a Windows PC), you cannot follow it (and
thus fire up Excel).

We also tried by entering an URL HREF text (eg, <A
HREF="...">filename</A>") hoping the browser would catch it but
unsuccessully (when you explore the details for a given PC, you're
presented with the "<A HREF"...">filename</A>" string.

Do you think there's a way to accomplish it?


Roberto Zini - r.zini<@AT@>strhold.it
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