I found the answer.

If you uninstall and reinstall the product, be sure to delete the
c:\tomcat and c:\program files\novell\ZAM(?) directories. There are
legacy files that must be deleted!

Bill Jetter wrote:
> I've re-installed the eval version on W2K3 server box. I unintalled the
> first ZAM installation. Apache did not uninstall completely.
> I reinstalled with no errors, but when I click on the web console icon
> in ZAM manager I get:
> "[2.4.2002] Unexpected Result Parsing XML from Zenworks Asset Management
> WebConsole Server *******"
> When you try go in via the WebConsole icon on the desktop, or via
> Firefox you get the password challenge screen (Therefore Tomcat is
> running). When you try to log in by clicking "Submit" the server thinks
> about it, then redraws the login screen.
> My boss wants this working ASAP!
> Any help appreciated!!!!!!