I had to reinstall a standalone eval of ZAM7 on a XP Pro workstation due to
an related system failure. As a result, I have not been able get ZAM to
rediscover the workstations previously detected by the first installation
and subsequent discovery.

Absent reinstalling the ZAM client on all of the workstations previously
scanned and recognized by the original ZAM 7 eval:

1. How do I get ZAM 7 to rescan, and store the information found about
these devices?

2. How do I get ZAM 7 to scan workstations with the SP2 firewall enabled? I
downloaded TID 10098001 "Using TS.Census with the Windows XP Service Pack
(SP2) Firewall," and followed the instructions for enabling network
discovery, and inventory of XP SP2 workstation. Despite adding the TSCensus
Client port 7461, and the IP address for the ZAM server. ZAM will see these
devices but not inventory them.


Michael L. Wright

Professional Technologist