I'm using tscensus 3.2 with the latest PRU (October 2005).

I have some computers on the network that have Office Small Business 2003
installed and tscensus is reporting only the individual components and
not the suite. I have tried to add small business 2003 as a local
product and selected winword.exe (for product recognitin) from a computer
that has the Small Business 2003 version. I stopped the inventory
process and then started it again. It went through some process that
(merges?) the data into the database. I ran a ScanNow on a user's
computer that has Small Business 2003 and tscensus still does not report
the suite. Office Small Business 2003 (and Office Basic 2003 too btw)
does not appear to be a part of the latest PRU. Standard and
Professional are part of the latest PRU and tscensus discovers them
fine. It is important that tscensus discover all the suites so that the
compliance report can report properly.

Craig Fillmore