I'm attempting to install the 90 day trial of ZAM 7 on a server which
already has MSSQL installed for another application. Authentication for
MSSQL is set to "SQL Server and Windows", and there is a Login called
BUILTIN\Administrators which has rights to do anything.
During the installation of ZAM 7, I give the credentials:
(servername)\Administrator and the appropriate password

After copying files, when it goes to create the database it fails with
DBSetup: Login or Password Incorrect

I tried uninstalling and creating a login on the SQLServer specifically
for (servername)\Administrator, with full privileges, but the install
still failed in the same spot.

There was another post in 'novell.support.zenworks.servers.management-and-
monitoring' describing the same problem, but no replies. "Eval install of
ZenWorks Asset Manager 3.3 - Error in DBSETUP"