I am currently using the evaluation version for ZENworks Asset
Management version 7.00.0015.

The program is installed on Windows 2000 server. The program installed
without any difficulties and does start up.

When I go into the report tab, and click on Web Console->start
Webconsole, I get the following error:

[2.4.2002] Unexpected result parsing XML from ZENworks Asset Management
WebConsole server <<my_server_name>>.

Does anyone know why I am getting this?

I have full admin access. Everything appeared to install correctly.

The reason why I am posting here is because a search of Novell's
website yields no assistance. A google search also returns no matches.

In fact, contacting NOVELL and asking for support assistance is a major
NO-NO. Novell refuses to assist in this matter because it is an eval
copy and they refuse to assist in ANY manner. Interesting that I am
evaluating this product for the purpose of purchasing it and Novell
offers such poor and pathetic customer service. Explaining the
situation does not help. The answer is always the same: tough luck - go
find the answer elsewhere.

If this is the way NOVELL treats potential custoemrs, how do they treat
they continueing dwindling customer base? They had a perfect
opportunity to demonstrate excellent customer service and failed
miserably. They just don't care.

If you have any suggestinos on how to fix this problem, please let me

Best Regards,