I am trying to get this setup on a Windows XP SP2 machine that I built
explicitly for this. We are not running a windows domain in the
school so I am using the local machine account during the install.
What I am running into is where it asks about the Zenworks Asset
Management Services Setup, it wants a user account. I have the
machine name is zenwkmgr (I shortened it to 8 as part of my
troubleshooting) and I have tried the Administrator account as well as
a user account that I created for this. I select the user from the
drop down, type in the password and when I click next I get an error

"Setup was unable to verify the specified password. Ensure the
password is correct for the selected user account."

I have quadruple checked the user information and it doesn't matter if
I use the Administrator or the user account, I get the same error. The
reason that I created the user account is that my Administrator
password is a healthy combination of Upper, Lower, punctuation and

The Application and System logs on the system do not have any errors
tied to this installation or for that matter from the last 3 hours of
trying this.

I had the latest 4.91 sp2 client installed with NMAS and NICI
installed and I have removed it during my troubleshooting. Am I
missing something?

John Hough
Shelby Public School District #14