I've installed "enterprise" edition on ONE server (everything on one
box) for testing.

MS Sql 2000

During the install, I was prompted for the name of the server and the
name of the database (defualt database is ZENworks that the other
installs created for me)

When I run the Manager, it wants me to login.

I click the Database button and put in the relevant information.

When I go to the "username"/password, what do I type in (the
documentation for this product is horrible. Most of the stuff tells you
to go into the online manual/help on the Manager, which doesn't do a lot
of good when you can't log into it).

Do I put in the sa user?

Or is it the username it created when the collection server was

I've tried the sa user (no go), I've tried the local system
administrator account (no go).