I'm having an irritating problem with a new installation of ZAM 7. I have a collection and task server running on the same physical server as my database server. Everything was going along great until I decided to run the PRU and product updates and, since that time, the ZAM Manager is reporting that both the collection and task servers are "Unavailable." Occasionally, it'll switch to "Started," but then a few minutes later it's right back at Unavailable. I've checked the services and both are running and never restart. I've also checked the application and system logs and nothing looks out of place there.

Here's the environment:
Windows 2003 Server, SP1
SQL 2000 SP4
ZAM 7.00.0017 (Database version: 7.00.0008.00)

I'm running the Enterprise version of ZAM because of the number of workstations I'll eventually be handling, but installed the collection and task servers on the same box just to get things running. I'll likely add additional collection/task servers down the road.

I'm tempted just to uninstall/re-install the collection and task servers (or all of ZAM), but if it's an easy fix, I'd rather not break anything else!

Thanks for the help!