Dear all,

Here's the case ...

>> Environment

- OES/Linux SP1 with all its services running and configured.
- ZENworks v7 with all backend Services running and configured.
- Administrative Machine for ZENworks v7 is WinXP SP2 (1GB RAM) has the
* Novell Client v4.91 SP1
* ConsoleOne v1.3.6d
* ZENworks Agent.
- ZAM installed on the same administrative Machine as standalone installation.
- All users workstations are Windows XP Service Pack II, has the following:
* ZENworks Agent Installed
* ZAM Agent installed but have problem (which I describe here)

>> Problem

Users' workstations are not appear in Web Console Although ZAM Agent is
installed on them.

>> Problem Description

I have a problem importing my network workstations into the ZAM server, I
follow the steps mentioned in the documentation by distributing the client
to WS using Remote Client Install at ZAM Manager but after remote
installation of the client only 2 machines from my network workstations
registered in the ZAM and can view their reports while rest of machines are
not appear and when drag and drop them back in remote client installation
tool, their status is NOT REGISTERED although i have installed the ZAM
client before.

Note: During installing the Agent to all workstations, the status was
chanching from authenticating to coping files to installed which indicates
that ZAM agent installed successfully.

on the workstations, I checked the Add/Remove Programs and ZAM Client is exist.

Thanks in Advance