I have the same issue mentioned on the message below except that i havent
SQL , i'm using msde 2000 instead

Pls help

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<kramer_i@hotmail.com> wrote in message
>I am currently installing the latest copy of ZenWorks Asset Manager that
> was downloaded during the week of 5/2/05. In the middle of the install it
> asks for the system administrator's id and password and validates that the
> password is correct at that time. Towards the end of the install a dialog
> box pops up labeled DBSETUP with the message "Login name or password is
> incorrect". I have checked and my database id's and passwords match my
> system and is set to use windows authorization. The only thing I can
> figure is that I have SQL/Server 2000 installed on the machine and it is
> somehow getting confused during the install.
> All ideas are welcome so I can complete the eval install and put it
> through its paces.
> Thank you.
> I. Kramer