Hi folks,

I'm evaluating ZENworks Asset Management for purchase at my company, as it
was recommended to us for our quarterly software audits. I've been
impressed with the program so far, but have run into a couple issues which
might prevent us from making the purchase.

It seems to not detect some of our more expensive software packages. For
instance, we have a number of computers with Altova XMLSpy 2006, as well as
other Altova products. None of these are detected, even though they should
not be difficult to detect: listed in Add/Remove Programs, Start Menu,
Program Files, and such. Is there a way to fix this, or must we assume that
ZENworks would just fail to detect certain of our more prominent software

I've also noticed that, while it reports certain versions of Microsoft
Visual Studio, it doesn't seem to detect Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the
Microsoft Office System, which is another package important for us to audit.


John Thile
Systems Administrator
Solekai Systems Corp.