Under the Reconciliation tab, we have all checkboxes ticked (ie serial
number, NIC address, NetCensus configuration ID, and machine name, as
well as Differentiate by Serial Number).

However, one of our users reported finding duplicate machine names in the
database. One pair of dupes had completely different serial numbers, IP
addresses and MAC addresses, however the machine name was identical. The
other pair of dupes had totally different serial numbers, IP address and
MAC address, but with the same machine name.

This is when I took a closer look at Reconciliation and it is abit
confusing. I suspect with one of the dupes reported, this particular
machine had a motherboard change (which incorporated onboard NIC hence
different serials, MAC addresses, etc). Somehow ZAM recognised this as a
new machine and made a new entry for it. But since Machine Name was
ticked in Reconciliation, this I assumed would have accounted for that
and not create a dupe.

Can someone suggest what boxes should be ticked in Reconciliation to
ensure there are no dupes in future? Motherboard changes are a fact of
life, so perhaps one of the NIC settings in Reconciliation should be