I have noticed ZAM7SP1 documentation now lists recommended virtual server
specs of 3.2GHz/2Gb RAM for collection, task, web console and manager
roles. We have been running ZAM7SP1 on virtual servers prior to these
specs being updated therefore our specs are a little lower than the specs
listed in the documentation, eg 2.8GHz/1Gb compared to 3.2GHz/2Gb.
However when I approached our Microsoft server management staff that we
need to increase ZAM server specs to match what is in the documentation,
they said because it is virtual all CPU/RAM is shared across all virtual
sessions and if an application like ZAM requires more it dynamically gets
more as it needs it. This is despite bginfo showing the specs as much
lower than what the documentation states. Does anyone know if there is
any truth in this as it doesn't seem to add up in my mind. Should I
insist that our server people increase the specs of our virtual machines?