I was wondering if anyone anything about creating suite products. I know
that the Web Console has discovered suite function i.e. Microsoft and
Corel with the individual components which make up the particular suites
i.e. Office 2003 Professional Edition: Access, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint,
Publisher and Word. I know that the Adobe products like Creative Suite CS
and CS2 are not listed as suites, these are made up of number of
components like the aforemented. Any idea why this is so, and any
suggestions on how I might be able to get the components to be recognised
as a suite.

We would like to create a product which would contain all the software
applications used as part of our Standard Operating Environment (SOE) as
one grouped product. I thought that creating a local product might assist
here, but alas, we have not unique identify mark to filter these software
applications. Any suggestions?