I wanted to test out ZAM 7 before we made any purchasing decisions. Here are the problems that I ran into.

1. During install the software asks for a login and password and when it is supplied it gives an error. Localsystem and blank password must be used instead.

2. The Manager Console did not load for over ten minutes.

3. The network discovery did not work last night. As far as I can tell the task did not fire off, even though it was told to run immediately.

4. When I tried viewing the task in the task tab nothing was present.

5. I tried running Ethereal to see if the task was generating TCP/IP traffic and the was plenty of SNMP traffic to a remote printer on the WAN (we had not initiated this). There was also traffic to which has a broken reverse DNS to tscdata.com.

6. We are reformatting the Hard Drive to NTFS with a fresh install of XP SP2 Pro right now, and will attempt to reinstall from a freshly downloaded ISO later today. Do you have any hints or tips that might make install simpler and more intuitive.

Job Cacka
IT Manager
Columbia Corrugated Box Co.
Packaging Resources Co.
job (removethis) at ccbox dot com