I have applied the recent IR9 and October PRU update to our ZAM
Live Download applied and merged successfully however only one of the
collectors has relinked. All others are showing SERVER status as

Checking collector logs - you see the following

10/20/2006 0:03:35-CUpgradeManagerForServers::OnMessage, msg = 1086
10/20/2006 0:03:35-CUpgradeManagerForServers::OnQueryServerState,
thread = 1300

20/2006 1:06:45-connected successfully to filestore
10/20/2006 1:06:45-upgrade description file not found in filestore
10/20/2006 1:06:45-Update description file found
10/20/2006 1:06:45-our Update id file not found in filestore, this is a
new Update
10/20/2006 1:06:45-gate task about to wait 3694 seconds
10/20/2006 1:11:43-CUpgradeManagerForServers::OnMessage, msg = 1086
10/20/2006 1:11:43-CUpgradeManagerForServers::OnQueryServerState,
thread = 1264
10/20/2006 1:16:43-CUpgradeManagerForServers::OnMessage, msg = 1086

I know the Filestore has received updates, and the collectors are
trying to pull down the files.

Any clue, as to what's going on? what do these MSG = mean?

Is there any documentation?


PS new to this forum, so go easy on me!!