I currently have Asset Management installed as an enterprise deployment.
I only have one domain with one collection server which connects to
Microsoft SQL 2000 database on another server. I am trying to install a
second collection server on another box. I get to the dialog box asking
for a user account in the form of DOMAIN\User. I put in an
administrator account for the server I am installing on and I get the
message “Setup was unable to verify the specified password. Ensure the
password is correct for the selected user account.” I know that it is
correct because I just used it to login to the server and can lock and
unlock the server with it. I get this whether installing from the Asset
Management CD of mapping a drive to the original server and installing
from the Filestore there. Both the original Asset Management server and
the server I am trying to install a collection server on are Windows XP
boxes on the same workgroup. And are not members of any Active Directory.

Any help appreciated,
Russ Newberry