We initially installed Zen10 and auto deployed to about 150 machines.
somthing went wrong during the install of the server and inventory
to be missing.

So we blew the server away and restarted. Inventory is now working
but we
are having a terrible time deploying to the machines that were
with the old server.

Some of them we can simply "zac unreg" and "zac reg". About 20 of the
re0-registered ok. The rest of the will say they registered but never

show in the Console and if you right click the tray icon it shows

We are even having issues with fresh machines not being deployable.
deploy fails with a "Can't connect to device" but we know the local
user is right and we can connect to the workstation through

It's just weird that only every few machines will be able to deploy
without issue.
Is anybody else seeing this? I wish the Zenconsole had more logging