Our configuration:

1. ZCM Standard on Win2003 SP1 server, No Novell client
2. Test Machine WinXp SP2, Novell Client 4.90 SP2
3. Configured server for access to Edir via LDAP; declared OU where
reside. Can browse tree successfully.
4. Chose to have local certificate rather than import from CA

Unusual event on server install:
Ports 80 and 443 in use; had to declare alternate ports (entered

Client Agent deployed successfully. Can manage the XP station from

Problem: Client Login Issue
After entering Novell client login name and password, a ZCM Client
box is presented. The Novell user name is displayed in the Username field, and the tree appears in the Realm Name field.

No password is accepted. Windows Secuity Meessage is displayed,
indicating failure to login to network.

Eventually, I have noticed that the Realm Name drop-down can be
changed to
Zenworks_Zone. Login is possible using the Administrator id and
provided during ZCM server install.

I thought the Novell password was supposed to be validated via LDAP to

Edir and then passed through to the ZCM agent during login.

Any advise would be appreciated.