Try configuring the Bundle so that it is executed manually by the user after
they have logged on.

Just because you assign all rights to all "Domain Users" does not mean that
the Domain Workstation will still be able to get to that file.
There are many little things can prevent a "Domain Workstation" from
accessing Windows share in that fashion.
(I don't know them all, but it's not uncommon that I've had to have people
work through and keep tweaking in regards to domain rights.)

The little test should let us know if it's an issue with the Workstation
Accessing the share.

What type of Client OS? XP or Vista?

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"NH" <> wrote in message
>I created a bundle where I want to copy file (exe) from the ZCM server to
>local workstation then install that .exe.
> I created a network share where all domain users have read right. I
> copied the .exe file in that share and want to copy that file from
> \\ZCMserver\share to c:\temp directory on local computers, then execute
> that program installation file. All those actions must run at computer
> startup.
> The copy don't work. Can someone tell me why ?
> When I try to execute that bundle under Zenworks Application Window, I
> receive error:
> Error creating directory C:\temp\. Error = .