OK, I know that the Image Explorer app was rewritten in Java, so it is

supposed to work in both Linux and Windows now.

Our ZCM server is running SLES10 SP1. My workstation is running

I found the documentation at

which says:

C.1.1 Starting Image Explorer
1.To start Image Explorer, run the following file:
installation_path\novell\zenworks\bin\preboot\zmge xp.bat
Linux: /opt/novell/zenworks/preboot/bin/zmgexp

That's great and all. But on the SLES10 SP1 installation, there isn't

an zmgexp.bat file for me to run, only the zmgexp. I tried copying
zmgexp file to my WIndows machine and running it in a Java console,
it always complains about an exception in Mina.

I can run it in X over SSH on my Windows workstation, but there has to

be a better way.