I am doing some testing with imaging and more specifically with the
safe area and its use. I am running into some problem when doing a
re-imaging of a machine that has the image-safe area populated.

Here are the steps of what I am doing:

- The image is of WXP SP2, is sysprep with the mini-setup and reseal options. The sysprep.inf names the machine “CHANGE-ME” and

makes it join an AD domain.
- The first time I image a new machine (i.e. Image-safe area with no data), the Windows mini setup run, name the machine
“CHANGE-ME” and join to AD domain.
- Since this is a new machine after the first log in, I manually
change it
to its proper name (i.e. SGCC-IT-0004).
- After a reboot the machine is properly configured, ZISWIN shows that
appropriate info has been written to the image-safe area and AD shows
computer called SGCC-IT-0004.

So far so good… The problem I am running into is on a

- I re-image the same machine as above.
- After the Windows mini setup run, the machine reboot, followed by
ZEN agent kicking in before login is allowed, followed by one more
- Once rebooted, the machine appears to have been properly renamed
“CHANGE-ME” (name in sysprep) to
(info in Image safe area) by the ZEN Imaging agent.
- But when I try to log in to the domain, I get an error message:
“Windows cannot connect to the domain, either because the domain

controller is down or otherwise unavailable or because you computer
account was not found”

- Logging in using the local admin password, I can see in the ZISWIN history “Restore successful. Restore mask was 0x00000020”.

Upon further inspection, I discover that all information was indeed
restored except for the SID (I suspect due to the restore mask). I did

also confirm in ZISWIN option that neither the restore mask nor
mask have anything checked.
- In AD things are a bit messier… I now have 1 computer called “SGCC-IT-0004” and one called “CHANGE-ME”. I suspect that the “SGCC-IT-0004” is left over from the 1st

imaging, and that “CHANGE-ME” is the name of the machine
the Zen agent restoring the image safe data.

I am not sure if I have come across a bug, a limitation with AD or if
I am
doing something stupid… Any help would be welcome.