I know that it is possible to have both the ZEN 7 imaging and ZCM
imaging running at the same time.

I'd like to set this up and let ZEN 7 continue to service my existing
workstations, and let ZCM service my windows Vista workstations as
they come online.

My ZCM is running on SLES platform.

I believe the steps are as follows:
1-Make changes to my vLans so the pdhcp is handled by ZCM
2-Copy files to the Netware Server (ZEN 7) as indicated in the server
referral list setup instructions
3-Add the ZEN 7 server into the server referral list

Then I will be able to image as normal regardless of what server I am
trying to hit?? Seems like I might be missing something. I do all of
imaging manually, how do I determine what server I am hitting?

Any advice would be appreciated.