I do in fact have the DLU policy working on all but one Vista machine.

I have deleted the policy and recreated it and it is still not
working. When the user logs in, it gives an error that it is unable
to login to the local user account. I have logged in to the
workstation only and deleted the local account but ZEN does not
recreate it.

When I log onto the the workstation only and try to set the AdapativeAgent to log, it tells me that the ZEN service is not running, and
will not let me start it manually.

The only information in the log on the local workstation is:

[ERROR] [9/4/2007 12:32:48 PM] [] [PolicyManager]
[PolicyManager.ERROR_NO_DEFINITIONS] [Unable to obtain the policy
definitions from the policy service.] [] []

This is only happening on 1 machine. The problem started when I
changed the DLU policy from a local administrator to a local user.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.