The product "ZENWorks Desktop Management 7" includes functionality
"Asset Management"

The product "ZENWorks Asset Management" is also a product about
"collection information of devices and software".

Now Novell introduced the product "ZENWorks Configuration Management"

which is equipped with "Asset management services" in the enterprise


Dear Product managers of Novell - please describe the
differences/similarities of these products in an understandable way so

that we can answer the questions of our customers.

current szenario: our customer is using "ZENWorks Desktop Management
He wants to introduce "asset management" (the functionality of the
"ZENWorks for Desktops" does not fulfull all requirements - especially
handling of software licences). So we decided to introduce the
Asset Management" prduct but then came "ZENWorks Change Management"
and it
seems that there could be two possibilities for our customer (if I
interpret the products functionality right):

a. forget "ZENWorks Configuration Management" and buy "ZENWorks Asset

b. Upgrade "ZENWorks Desktop Management" to the enterprise edition of

"ZENWorks Configuration Mangagement" with promotion prize

But in the case of b. there are some unanswered questions:
- does "ZENWorks Configuration Management" have the same functionality
"ZENWorks Desktops Management" has? If not, why does there exist a
migration path?
- Are the "Asset management services" of "ZENWorks Configuration
Management" the same product as "ZENWorks Asset Management" is just
another product?

Which way to go? A or B?

for any answer I thank you in advance


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