I am trying to set up a Vista machine for testing, so I have Novell client
and ZCM agent installed and it is registered as a device with ZCM. I have my
eDirectory tree assigned as a user source as well ( with multiple OU's and
users ).

When I login to the Novell client it says "successful", I am using just a
user name with no context ( I believe the Agent can not deal with
distinguised names like user.myou.myo or can it ? ). Vista then tells me
could not log you in locally, sorry, so I enter my local user name and
password ( as a local Windows user, my next step would be to setup DLU
policy to eliminate this step ) .. all goes well, apparently, until ZCM
Agent's prompt turns up - and for some reason the mouse is not working at
that particular screen ( I just noticed there was a similar problem with no
mouse reported on this forum earlier ). When I enter *the same* Novell user
name and password again ( as before ) it eventually takes me to the desktop
but then I get prompted all of a sudden that I am already logged in to that
tree as my test user, would I like to login again ? If I say no then no
drives are mapped and the client prompt still comes up.

I also just noticed one of ZCM services is not running on the client () and
can not seem to start it, is this by design ( there is also a record in the
event log about that ) ? I have read the thread about a service not starting
and can not think why the Agent would not be able to contact my server,
Windows firewall is off and server name can be resolved I believe. I have
re-imaged this machine and went through all steps again ( there is no agent
installed on the image and I ran zisedit -c ) to end up exactly where I was