My daughter and I decided to be really domestic - actually James insisted.
He went out and picked two quarts of chokecherries off of the tree in the
front yard and said he wanted chokecherry jelly <g>. So, we obliged. We
finished it about noon yesterday, but it still hasn't gelled much. The
certa pectin package says that the jars need to sit for 24 hours to gel, and
of course it hasn't been quite that long yet. One of Kat's friends who
lives up in the mountains and makes jelly with his grandfather all of the
time says that chokecherries can take "longer" to gel, and that in fact some
things like orange marmalade can take a week to fully set! Has anyone else
had this experience? We also used about 20% splenda for the sugar mix, and
I'm wondering if this might be the reason.

If it doesn't set, it's not the end of the world. We can have 6 pints of
chokecherry syrup <g>, and hey, our tree has enough cherries to keep us busy
til the first freeze anyway, so we can try again I guess!