I am trying to do a portable collection on a disconnected workstation. It
is a fairly vanilla configuration with not much configuration done. I
created the portable collector using the wizard in the ZAM manager, copied
the folder contents to a removable hard drive, then plugged the HD into the
target system.

When I run the collector from a command prompt ["COLLECT /D
f:\CollectionData"], it hums for a minute or so, then displays three
identical error messages: "The system cannot find the file specified." and
the prompt is sitting in the current "temp" directory. When I look in the
target data directory, there is an "error.log" file with one line:
"COLLECT2: Directory full: "F:\CollectionData". I tried again using the C:
drive as the target with the same result, except that the error.log file
says that my C:\ drive is full.

I have looked in the documentation, but I see nothing on troubleshooting
this process. Any ideas as to what is going on?


Dennis R. Crowther, CNE