I have ZEN 7 sp1 running on NW6.5

I have an HP nx6120 notebook that hangs trying to do a manual image. During
the PXE boot stuff the fna turns off and the thing heats up and stops.

If I manage to get the # prompt and type modprobe fan followed by modprobe
thermal I can then get a manual image running.

However, 9 times out of 10 I have to hold an electric fan over the laptop to
keep it cool enough to get to that point. I was hoping this would get fixed
in sp1 but so far no luck. I've added ACPI=OFF to the manual cmds file but
that hasn't helped. I tried adding modprobe fan modprobe thermal to the
cmds file and to the tftp/boot/settings.txt file but that didn't help

So, where can I/do add those lines so that I can easily do a manual image
and an auto image without me doing a fan dance. :-)