I'm trying to do something i used to do ALL the time, but now i can't

I have a newly installed Test Environment: (Generic Linksys router- gateway to internet) (Netware 6.5 server- dhcpsrvr) (Windows 2000 Workstation)

The Windows 2000 Workstation connects to the internet with no problem when
i set the Linksys router to handle the DHCP.

But, when i set the Netware Server to handout DHCP, I am having trouble
accessing the internet from "Windows 2000 workstation".
As a simple test, I tried pinging; but it gives me that
"request time out". (this is a little better because earlier i was only
getting unknown host).
I also get that "request time out" message when i try to pinging the IP
address directly.

Interestingly, i can ping all websites with no problem directly from the
System Console. (so i think its something with how the NW server handles
the client's request)

This should work; i've done it many time before (2 years ago). But now i
am forgetting something.

I think i have something configured incorrectly. i've been been
enabling/disabling NAT, doublechecking my Static Routing
settings(inetcfg), but i still havnt figured it out. Maybe something is
screwed up with my DNS?

Okay, thats enough rambling. I would appreciate any assistance!
Thank you again! >^^<