OOP's not sure if I am in correct forum ?.

Hi Guys,

I am pretty new to ZEN 6.5, only having done most of my ZEN work with 3.2
and snapshots etc.

I am gradually reading through Dayley and Tanners ZEN 6.5 book, but I would
like to know what you guys recommend on imaging and application deployment
for fast-track tips:-

1. I intend to use MSI throghout - Admin Studio etc and use MSI
distribution with ZEN 6.5.
2. Citrix Metaframe integration comes later down the road.
3. Patch Management is going to be used, and I will be incorporating
BorderManager control and firewall, http proxy etc.

On the area of deploying one's core apps i.e. Office 2003, Acrobat,
iprint/NDPS, should I put these in the core image and use add-on images for
other ancillary apps ?. I do wish to have self-heal image replacement.

I might be able to convince them to pay out for ENGL toolkit and follow
"Smart Windows Deployment" as described in Brainshare presentations ?. I
worry about the different HALS etc, and I will have many types of PC models
to image !.

If i cannot, is the ZEN 6.5 advanced imaging good to go ?.

Also is it worth looking at something like Qualystem UbiBoot ?.

Best Regards
Novell Loyal