We are running NM 6 SP 5 and ZenWorks 6.5 We have created Policy Packages
and Workstastion Groups to push drivers out to users. We push drivers out
to workstations based upon cost centers. I am having the following issues
and I am looking for suggestions to get around them:

We currently have the policy to push drivers out on a daily basis. We
do this to make sure that the drivers get pushed when a workstation is
added to the network or is moved from one cost center to another, it will
automatically receive the appropriate printers. Many of the cost centers
have multiple printers for their area. Workstations have different
default printers depending on which printer the workstation is close to.
Many workstations also have deskjet printers. Because of the last 2
secenarios, we do not designate a default printer. The default printer is
determined at the workstation by the user.
Each morning when the policy pushes the drivers, the default printer
gets reset. If we change the policy to push the drivers to a weekly or
monthly basis; workstations will not recieve updated drivers or newly
added printers. Also, when a worstation is added to the network or moved
from one cost center to another, it will not receive the appropriate

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get around this?

Thanks in advance,