Hi everybody,

We are using ZFD 6.5, Netware 6 SP5 4 node cluster and XP SP2 clients, about
1000 workstations.

I am not able to install the SPSS12 MSI on the workstations due to the fact
that we are using DLU to let our users log in as normal user on the
workstations, and SPSS12 is trying to put files in the Windows directory and
the HKLM as the user. Obviously the install errors out because of rights
issues. The SPSS12 helpdesk could not offer a solution.
If i monitor the installation i can see two msiexec processes on the
workstation, one uses the system account, and one uses the DLU account of
the currently logged in user.

We have the elevated rights settings in the Group Policy with the right
properties and tried all the Zen settings, secure, unsecure users etc. Tried
the dcomcnfg .exe settings for Installshield for both the interactive and
launching user.

As soon as i change DLU to login as a power user, the install works
perfectly, unfortunately we have to use DLU login as user due to the
security policy in our company.

I am getting a bit desperate, does anybody have an idea how i can install
the SPSS12 MSI so that the install itself uses only the system user or
administrator account instead of using the the DLU-user account ? In fact,
is this possible at all in ZFD, i can not find any setting that lets me push
an install with an account i can choose myself ?

Thanking you kindly in advance for your reactions.

Kind regards,

Marcel van den Berg