Under Zenworks for Linux Management 7.0, I am attempting to mirror SuSE
Professional 9.3. The mirroring process abends when it encounters the
package FETCHMSTT.SH-52104. It does not appear to depend on which mirror
which I attempt to get the packages from since I get the same error on each
site. The error which I get is

* Retrieving information for the local server bundle
Bundle "fetchmsttfonts.sh-52104" (catalog "suse-93-i586") has 2 files to
Patch file "fetchmsttfonts.sh-52104" already exists locally (skipping
Package file "fetchmsttfonts.sh 0-0 suse-93-i586 (noarch)" already
exists locally (skipping download).
* Connecting to the ZENworks Package Management service on the local server
Error: An error occurred while trying to add the patch
"fetchmsttfonts.sh-52104" to the bundle
(com.novell.zenworks.zlman.services.pkgmgt.admin.D ataStoreFault={})

I modified the mirror software to exclude the package with the package name
but it errored during the initial validation phase. I found that the
package was part of the Post-Script bundle which I attempted to exclude but
it did not make any difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.