I need some assistance getting a better understanding of how an
application deployed using MSIEXEC corelates with deploying the same
application using an application package.

Let me explaine why: most of the references to packaging applacation are
genrally geared to the Microsoft installer and are not specific to
Zenworks. I would like to better understand the process so that I can
apply the Microsoft installer information to a Zenworks package.

I would like to use Quicktime 7 as an example. The Process is pretty
clearly documented at APPDeploy.com and I have a application pakage that
simply executes a batch file containing the MSIEXEC commands and the
application deploys perfectly every time. (remember this is an excercise
in learning for me) The batch File Contains 2 lines;
msiexec /i ISScript11.msi /qb
msiexec /i QuickTime.msi TRANSFORMS=1033.mst ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 /QR
However, when I try to deploy the application as a chained set of
packages the application launcher yeilds a 1603 error. Further
investigation, after turning on the windows installer logging, indicates
the real error is 1606. Another post at APPDeploy indicates the 1606
error is related to the INSTALLDIR property being set durring the user
interface sequence if the /QB or /QN switches are used are used in place
of the /QR switch in the second line of the Batch file.

Question: How can I cause the same operation as adding the /QR switch in
an application package?

Question: Is ther a whitepaper/TID/Documentation out there that will
help me to better understand?

I think the perfect title of such a document would be "converting your
MSI installer package to a zenworks application package." Hint, Hint!