I have a software package (Adobe CS2) that is deployed using a simple AO
that just runs the setup.exe with the proper parameters to run silently as
per Adobe's instructions. Adobe CS2 is really just a package of their
regular apps such as photoshop, acrobat, etc. There are patches for these
applications that need to be deployed after the application has installed.
Is there a way to do this from within the Adobe CS2 AO or will this
require additional AOs ? I would really like to have the program install
and then the patches automatically install as soon as the suite has has
finished installing.

One way that I know this could be done is by creating an AO that installs
all the patches that has a dependancy of the main application. This
requires associating two AOs to the workstation plus you are launching the
patches AO first which seems backwards.

Any better ideas?