HI guys

I have NSM 2 running in both of my production trees.
Had some issues 'unable to connect to nsm engine' on one, but that turned
out to be httpstk not listening on the ssl port 8009. I deleted the ssl
certs, ran pkidiag, and restarted httpstk.. that fixed that prob.

Now I need to get NSM working on a new server in my production tree,
which will eventually replace the existing.

I've installed it, and configured it. I unloaded fsfengin from the
existing box (as I can understand it would be bad to have two engines
running in the same tree!).. but when i start fsfengin on the new box, I

Unable to appropriately configure proxy accounts. Program terminating.

There is no logs generated.

As a test, I re-ran fsfconfig and specified two different proxy accounts,
so this box would be using two completely different proxy accounts to the
existing server. Same result.

Please advise..