I upgraded to NSM2 today. IT seems to have taken on the server OK, but
I can't get NSMAdmin to run on my workstation at all. I have followed
the instructions to get it to run from the server, using the .NET
Configuration utility, and I have run it from my workstation directly.

Here are the errors I get. As soon as I launch NSMAdmin, I get an error
window stating that the Event Log If Full. I then clear that, and get
the following window.........

NSMAdmin.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Service
Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.
Process id=0xf84 (3972), Thread id=0xc3c (3132).

I get that same error from either location. I have .Net 1.1 SP1
installed. I am at a total loss here. Let me know what anybody things.

Mike Carey