Sorry dynamic groups are not supported in version 2.0. Can you send an email
to storagemgr@..novell.com (removing the extra dot) telling us how you would
like to implement dynamic groups?

We would like to hear your ideas.

thanks in advance,

NSM Development

<dcooney@tacoma.k12.wa.us> wrote in message
>I am getting ready to start upgrading from FSF 1.2.1 to Storage Manager. I
> looked through the product page and cannot find anything listing what
> features or enhancements have been added since FSF. One thing I am very
> interested in is utilizing Storage Manager with dynamic groups to
> automatically provision class folders for our teachers. I had discussed
> this some time ago with Ed Shropshire and some others at Condrey. Is this
> possible? Is it even in the works?