Hi guys, see the post below from the old FSF forums. It seems this functionality hasn't made it into NSM 2.0 like promised... any chance it can be added fairly quickly? It's impossible for me to check a user's details and perform a backfill if necessary, it just takes way too long to find the user with a single container having 20,000 objects. I really need to be able to search for a user.

thanks, Dave

Is there a way to search for a user, in order to perform backfill
operations (etc)... Rather than browsing the tree? I've got a dozen
users I need to backfill, and it's a real pain.
I don't want to do a backfill on the entire container, as there's
20,000 objects in there...

From: fsfdev - view profile
Date: Sat, Jan 14 2006 12:55 am
Email: "fsfdev" <fsf...@novell.com>
Groups: novell.support.file-system-factory

Not currently. When you get to the container by browsing, the users are
indexed in sets of 100 alphabetically, but it will take a while to list the
index for 20000 users. But then you can backfill individuals. We will be
adding functionality to allow what you are looking for in the next version.

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