Hi FSF/NSM Team,

just updated our FSF 1.21 Installation to NSM 2.0 (all on NW65SP2), which finally succeeded, though not without a few *very* obvious and easy to avoid hassles. You may want to look into the following when preparing SP1...

1) absolutely NO documentation about the recommended upgrade process. How could that happen?

2) license activation on http://www.storagemgr.com/NSM20/license/ requires a serial number, but all I get from http://www.novell.com/customercare/myproducts/index.jsp is an activation code, which will not be accepted when requesting a production license So I had to use a trial license and hopefully figure out how to obtain the real one within 30 days...

3) Then NSMADmin: if you really need users to provide a port number in addition to a server name at logon, please label the field accordingly. If it's called "Server" nobody will fill in "MYSERVERNAME:8009" voluntarily. Why not make people happy and simply append the standard port when no other is given?

4) From the interface point of view, NSMAdmin.exe is a pain somewhere down below! Why do you guys at Novell etc. always try to NOT adhere to commonly accepted standards? Just to be different and annoy people? Three or four open windows mixing in with the dozen other apps running usually on my machine, taskbar getting overloaded, a "quit the whole application" menu item even on the last modal window, lots of unneccessary mouse-clicks, an all but intuitive navigation concept(?) - please ask someone who knows about interface design to help you (tell him you want a clean and simple interface. hint: limit yourself to one non-modal window at a time. Also, for complex navigation someone invented the tree control a couple of years ago)

5) when adding a server to the sentinel list, it shows Version: "**Unknown**". ????

6) when removing a server from the sentinel list, fsfevent.nlm does not get unloaded!

7) I finally found that adding a server to the sentinel server list also adds the machine to the event server list (though it's not reporting any events) and needs to be removed there, too. Anyway, this also does NOT unload or disable the sentinel...

8) like many people, we're using IDM3 to set the cccFactoryContainerPolicy attribute. Since the install informs about a necessary schema extention even when upgrading from FSF 1.21, it would be nice to know if that makes changes on the IDM drivers necessary. Should be part of the technical "what's new?" section in the documentation.

9) talking about documentation: why can't I find a word about NSM on http://www.novell.com/documentation/?

Apart from that: a great product, really!