Hi guys

Need advice -

I need to move 400 gb worth of home directories to new storage.

Have I got any options for running a "dummy" rebalance of some kind, to
actually do the copy of data but not change the home directory attribute, so
to the users there is no change?

Basically what I want to know is how long it's going to take for NSM to copy
the data from old to new, so that i can schedule the appropriate downtime
with users.

I fear the answer is no, but just thought I'd ask!

I can ask another way - I have other storage I also need to move, so I'm
currently using the Server Consolidation Utility to do a test move of all
that data, about 250 GB... once that's completed, I'll know how long it took
to do that. Does NSM use protocols/methods similar to this utility? If
so, I'll be able to get a rough idea.