Are you trying to login with a general user account or the admin account?

The admin account has all the necessary rights by default. General user
accounts can either be assigned the Supervisor right to the server object
via ConsoleOne or iManager, or you can use NSMAdmin to setup the user. In
NSMAdmin click Configure Options and Interfaces-> Management Interface, and
check the box next to the Security Equivalent to the follow object option.
Then click browse and select the user object that you want to become a NSM

I hope this helps,

NSM Development

"Robert Shera" <> wrote in message
>I have somehow locked myself out of NSM. NSMAdmin gives me the message
>"Access denied because you do not have the appropriate rights." Can
>someone tell me which rights I need to set (I am assuming this is something
>I can do in ConsoleOne / iManager) to correct the problem.
> Thanks in advance
> Robert