I am seeing a very strange problem. I am running NSM 2.0 on a OES SP2
server and upgraded from FSF 1.21.

When I try to assign a home directory path for the policy, I select the
VOL1 volume from the server (CENTRAL, the same one running the NSM
Engine) and it lists directories from another volume on a different
server (SPIKE). Server SPIKE is running OES Linux SP2. I have other
policies pointing to home directories on SPIKE and they seem to be
working fine.

I have another policy that was created under 1.21 that points to the
proper directory on the CENTRAL server but when I do a consistency
check on that container, I get "GetFileSysEvironment: alloc temp handle
rc=899C retry=0 <VOL1:ES\USERS\FACULTY>" and GetFileSysEvironment:
alloc temp handle rc=899C retry=0 <VOL1:ES\USERS\FACULTY\username>"
messages on the engine console screen.

When I finally get the results screen from the consistency check, it
list the users with the correct home directory paths but it lists "NO -
parent missing" for DS Dir Exists.