All servers involved are 6.5sp5 created with the 6.5sp5 overlay CD as part
of a migration.

I moved a user from an OU which did not have a policy associated to it and
moved it to a OU which does have a policy associated to it. I moved the user
over a week ago. I now have an Eligible Event of which the status is
"Waiting for policy paths to become accessible." The Next Processing Time is
"No delay". To the best of my knowledge and understanding, the path is
accessible. The NSM Engine continues to say "E147 A new directory for
<USER.CONTAINER> cannot be created in any of the defined policy paths". Now
I am unable to remove the Event. If I try to abort the event, change the
priority, bypass the event, or view the properties, I receive an error
message stating: "Error: The requested pending event is no longer in the
queue." The NSM Engine continues to attempt to take action on this item in
the queue, since the event continues to be in the queue. Any suggestions?