I just updated NSM2 to maintenance release 2 on my 6.5sp5 (created with
6.5sp5 overlay CD) engine server using the NSM2.0-eDir-SR1.exe file. I did
not unload the engine and event monitor when I performed the upgrade. I
completed the upgrade and received the following error at the console on the
"Novell Storage Manger Sentinel/Event" screen:

Event configuration file is missing SENTINEL tag.
E253 Unable to locate or create snapshot directory=<>. errno=899C
Unable to verify all working directories. Program terminating.

Once I saw this error the first time, I restarted the server, unloaded the
engine and event monitor and I reinstalled NSM on the server. However, I
still get the same error when attempting to load the event monitor.

Any ideas?