Hi guys,

There is one detail in NSM that I would like to see changed. NSM ignores
the exact format of the user object name when creating/copying home
directories. Our standard for usernames is first 3 letters of forename and
first 3 letters of surname with uppercase first letter of each. For
example, Fred Smith would get userid FreSmi. Our home directories have
always followed that pattern, created automatically when users are
created. This makes it clearer and easier for us to quickly identify who
the user is. But NSM ignores the uppercase and just creates directories in
lowercase - fresmi for example. Even when moving directories from one
server to another NSM ignores the exact format of the source directory
(e.g. FreSmi) and creates a new target directory in lowercase (fresmi).
This means for us that our account supervisor's careful attention when
creating users is wasted - all the users will end up with lowercase
homedirs when we move them between servers.

I'm sure this is easy to fix and I hope you will put this in a future