Awhile back on the File System Factory board I posted the following
question about the ability to create collaborative storage based upon an
OU's membership and not just a group and got the following reply:
Hi Jane,

We are happy to say that in the next release you will be able to have FSF
provision and manage a piece of collaborative storage for an OU itself,
effectively treating the OU like a Group, which is what we assume you are
asking for.

Your next question is probably "when?". We cannot make any announcements
this time, but we can can say "reasonably soon". Anything anyone is doing
with the current release will seamlessly transition into the new release,
noone should delay any deployments.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any further questions.

-FSF Development

<> wrote in message

Concerning the futures of FSF are there any plans to add storage based
OU's and not just groups? Is there any thought to doing that at some
We have our departments organized into OUs, some of which have groups and
some of which do not. The groups that are present do not necessarily
reflect the exact makeup of a department. Just curious, we have this
deployed to students at the University because we do do that on an user
basis but departments are going to be tricky with the current version of
software and we have not come up with a good way to move forward. Thanks.

Jane Ridge,
University of NC at Greensboro

I've tried the new version of Novell Storage Manager and I do not see
that this is working yet. I can see we can get collaborative storage for
a group as was in the previous version but we still don't have container
policies. Is this something that is being developed because with the
current choices for creating storage we still cannot get this working for
our departments, only students who use the user based policies.