In the olden days of FSF 1.2, we'd backfill thousands of users and sit back
and wait, happy in the knowledge that the chances of the user trying to log
in whilst their home directory was in the User-FSFMOVE state was slim.

Now we're running NSM 2.00.03 I've just backfilled 6010 users.

It looks like the engine has looked at these 6010 users, decided that 5809
aren't logged in and chucked the whole lot at the sentinel server running on
the destination machine.

I now have 5809 home directory-FSFMOVE and users are arriving and finding
themselves unable to login. No fun when your username begins with a Z and
the sentinel is only processing the A people.

Right now I'd quite like to roll back - is this possible?

Is there a way to stop this behaviour? It isn't desirable.